Cocktail Party

Wants to possess more fun, Exciting and lavish within the Party? Here the Creative Decor has come up to create assurance of rendering a wonderful event and make it as a memory throughout life. Our Dedicated Team Expertise delivers a comprehensive range of services that include arrangements which are highly required within the party like Food Servicing, Menu Planning, Food Preparation and lots of others etc. All the party Services are availed in accordance with customer must reach heights of expectations.



we manage and organise the full cocktail party on different occasions like engagement, personal achievement, birthday parties, festivals. if you want more fun and exciting party then you should book us for your party to make a lifetime memory of your occasion.



Cocktail Party Organizers In Meerut – Life means to celebrate each moment and keep it forever. Also, planning an occasion family and friends must be successfully enjoyed. In which, the cocktail parties add a trendy statement to any function for private celebrations. So, if you’re checking out the simplest party organizers in Meerut then we represent you. We at Creative Decor bring the team of execs to make a special cocktail event. For any query or booking, give us a out in 08439673989..

Creative Decor Cocktail Parties Services Includes

  • Well Prepared Arrangements
  • Effective Food Servicing
  • Reliable Menu Planning
  • Floor Plan
  • Music and DJ
  • Stunning Decorations and Lightings
  • Flowers and outstanding designs

Creative Decor Cocktail Parties Management Company progresses with a perfectionist attitude that adds a signature style to an occasion . Team Expertise makes sure that services are rendered in various specifications and are extremely acclaimed with affordable rates, promptness and effectiveness. We take an excellent achieving moment in arranging the party Services to succeed in beyond expectations. We are highly specialized in delivering unique customized events and in creating memorable Cocktail parties services for wedding receptions, impressive corporate gatherings and stylish parties with slightly of sophistication .


cocktail party in red theme

The creative decor is cognizant that you simply want your cocktail reception to be warm. So, we lookout of the whole drinking and appetizers that might amuse your guests and keep the party happening .



Creative Decor is one among the simplest party event management and wedding planner in Meerut and Delhi because we take events and parties seriously. For cocktail parties, we become very selective in choosing and serving drinks that best accompany the occasion and season. We pick drinks for your guests, choose servers and other bartending related items in order that we will still keep your guests during a good mood. to understand more about our services or for bookings please write to us or phone us!!





A smoker or a bachelors party is an all-male party that a would–be-groom throws to celebrate the Judgment Day of his bachelorhood. He invites his close friends to reminisce the fun days gone in their company. Such a celebration is characterized by boozing and nerve shaking excitement though there are variety of ideas to celebrate this occasion without crossing the boundaries of morality. the primary thing that involves mind about organizing a smoker is that the venue. It might be an all-male club, a sporting club, or a hotel counting on individual preferences. Secondly, the entertainment element holds the key to a very memorable last night of bachelorhood. Card games, classic Hollywood movies, nerve-wracking DJ Music and wild dance sequences form a perfect background for a whole night of partying. Thirdly, the dress that the host will decline this occasion will go down the memory lane for all time to return lending the party, style and chic.





But since it remains mostly a western concept, conducting one with an equivalent gusto and elegance requires expert professional handling. Backed by a very contemporary and efficient list of service providers during this category, we will boast of a very stylish spread pertaining to the standard and taste of every drink that might be offered with accompanied refreshments. The key areas like a chic venue, designer tuxedos, dream inspiring lighting etc are customized a part of the deal.




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